Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kid talk

Miscellaneous things said in 2004:

Spidey: If Tikka doesn't give me back my Batman I'm gonna boost her and then I'm gonna put some stink on her!
Tikka: Boops (for oops).
Tikka: 'Cuse me shoe, I dizzy.
Spidey: Yesternight.
Tikka: I want to do it mysels.
Tikka: I need to ask Spidey a question. Spidey, you help me go potty?
Tikka was pretending to talk on the phone:
Julia? I not ready talk on the phone. Spidey? All day long, Spidey. Well, I don't know (giggle). Well, Spidey, I don't know, Spidey. I have my hair back so you can get it. Well goodbye Spidey. See ya next time. Spidey? Mama? Spidey, yeah. I dunno Spidey. Now you have you jacket. William? Well, I don't know. Spidey have a sword. BE QUIET BECAUSE I'M ON THE PHONE!!!

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