Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Speaking of dogs


This is Penny. She looks like she could use a good home. I'm not as concerned about the fact that it looks like Spidey wants a pug as I am thrilled that he has decided that drawing is a worthwhile activity.

sledding ostriches

This is entitled Sledding Ostriches.


  1. It looks like Spidey wants a centipede, ha ha! Isn't kid art the best? Sledding ostriches . . .! Love it!

  2. He told me it's definitely a dog. We're going to have a chat about how many legs most dogs have. I think he came up with the ostrich idea at preschool. He just started trying to draw people and this is how they turn out. I bet one of his friends told him it looks more like an ostrich than a person. :-)