Thursday, May 19, 2005

The force

What is it with the Star Wars mania? When exactly did my five year-old develop such an obsessive interest in it? He can spot a fast food cup with Darth Vader's face on it from three blocks away. (There's been some litter on the sidewalk during our morning run.) The questions are nonstop:

Mom, who's you favorite Star Wars character? Mom, who is the one you like next? Mom, what is Dad's favorite Star Wars character? Why? Why doesn't Dad like to talk about Star Wars? Why can't I go see the Star Wars movie? Why can't we just buy the movie at Target? Can I just look at the characters in the toy aisle -- just for ONE minute? Mom, do you think they have Star Wars stuff at MacDonald's? Can we go to MacDonalds and see? Why can't we ever go anywhere to buy a Happy Meal that has Star Wars characters in it? Why are you so mean? Dad, who is Luke Skywalker's dad? Was he on the Dark Side? How come Yoda talks so weird? My favorite character is the Imperial Guard; Mom, what's your favorite character? MOM! You told me Luke Skywalker was your favorite character. You can only have one favorite. You're not fair. When are we EVER gonna get to see a Star Wars movie?

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