Sunday, June 05, 2005

The best babysitter in the world

Our first and most frequently used babysitter graduates from high school this week. The graduation fiesta was today. Living away from family, we were concerned about finding a good sitter when Spidey was on the way. I joked that I was ready to pay an RN to babysit to be sure we would have someone capable. Luckily my coworker and friend, Jean, has three daughters and she assured me early on that she could provide me with adequate babysittage. Julia has been fantastic.

That first night out in 2000, Spidey was almost five months old, and Mr. B, his mother and I went all of a half mile from home to eat dinner. I think we were gone only 45 minutes because I was so nervous about leaving my little guy. Came home; everything had gone well, and here we are five years later and it just feels like it was yesterday. Julia's mother warned me that time flies even faster when both kids are in school. I want to slow things down. It's already going fast enough.

The best babysitter in the world

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