Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Mr. Bickerson is convinced that he can turn me into a Jethro Tull fan this fall by making me go to a concert with him, his best friends, and his sister and brother-in-law. I doubt it.


The tickets came in the mail today and LUCKY US! they included a FREE TRIAL coupon for UNLIMITED DVDs from NETFLIX! Of course you have to search online to find out how long the free trial lasts before they start charging you a monthly fee. The free trial lasts two puny weeks. I am becoming cheap and stingy in my old age. Is this a LAME-O offer? Or am I just a big old crab these days?


  1. Oh crabby girl, see how many you guys can watch in two weeks.

    I think Adam and I almost went into a coma from watching so many free movies with our trial.

    Pull as many as you can and let the kids get in on it.

  2. Well then I might just do that. I wonder how many movies I can watch in two weeks. Even if I don't watch any of them I will feel satisfied ordering a bunch of movies and cancelling my membership 24 hours before they start charging me.

  3. Yeah, yeah, that's the spirit. Then stick it to'em.

    Oh and by the way...tell Mr. Bickerson that Jethro isn't ALL THAT!