Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Can you see it?

I bought a suitcase full of makeup ("Fashion Boutique!") at Costco for Hope which will be the big gift from Santa this year. The girl loves her some lipgloss, okay? So I needed to hide the loot in the garage until the big day. Mr. Bickerson put it up way high on a shelf where she would never notice it.

This morning we're all buckled up in the van and ready to go.

What's that pink thing, Mommy?



Um, that's nothing, pumpkin. Just some tools your cousin Anson forgot to take home, I think.

(You heard me right. Your 23 year-old boy cousin keeps his tools in a stripey pink suitcase.)

People, do you see how screwed I am when it comes to thinking fast to keep up with my kids? (I had to ask Mr. Bickerson if that was the correct phrase: thinking on your feet. And he rolled his eyes and said, Yeah. And then I said, Wow. What is that? That was a meta-..., a meta-somthing. And he said, Yeah. That was a meta-somethin', alright.)

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