Friday, December 23, 2005

Moving on

It feels really good to wrap all these scarves I've been knitting for Christmas. Gary was right. People visiting us were starting to feel sorry for me in the same way you might feel sorry for a lady who had one-too-many cats. That, and it was OCD-like behavior that made him think that latent effects of encephalitis were making an appearance JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

So, so long scarves. (Although I've discovered an easy way to turn a scarf into a cute shrug, so I might do some of those. You can't have too many shrugs, can you?)

I have embarked on a sweater expedition. It's the easiest pattern I could find and it starts at the neck. Problem is -- the way it looks now -- it seems as though it might fit me better as an off-the-shoulder garment or perhaps a woolen tube top. This is one very large neck hole I'm knitting.

I'll keep you posted.

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