Thursday, July 06, 2006

Soon to have head examined

File this one under: Reason #872 why I might need some kind of therapy some day

Repair job

The picture you are looking at is our basement shower which, as you can see, has had some duct tape expertly applied to its lower connection point. You might be wondering what the heck happened in the Bickerson's bathroom this evening! I'll tell you what happened. For the last couple of months Hank has been taking showers in the basement and I have been lowering the shower head holder thingy -- with great effort -- so he can be adequately clean. I have silently cursed the builder who installed such a cheapo shower system. So tonight there I was yanking that holder down to Hank's height when it separated from the wall. Damn IT! To boot, we have relatives coming to town to stay with us for my nephew's wedding this weekend. This is their shower. Mr. Bickerson, while irritated, thought it was pretty hilarious that I ripped the shower bar from the wall, laughed heartily at me, and suggested I take a break from weight lifting at the Y.

Here's the why I'm crazy part: He said, "Why didn't you press the button behind the holder to lower it? There's a release button, you know? Or don't you know? How the hell could you not know?"

I don't know how I didn't know. I just assumed we had been stuck with a crapola shower.

Here's the button on the left side:

I am a moron

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