Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jackie Greene

I don't get all my music tips from the YMCA. Some of them come from the zoo:

So Hard to Find My Way

This group opened for Little Feat, who were fantastic, at the zoo last night. (Thank you, Joester, for suggesting we go!) But Jackie Greene rocked the zoo. Big time! The video link doesn't even give you a tenth of a sliver of how good this band was live. He played about 15 different guitars, 12 harmonicas, synth and keyboard. On top of that he is a fantastic singer. More evidence of that is here. (Click on the streaming songs on the right-hand side of that screen.)

Oh...I see I should pay more attention to complete albums. I've had the soundtrack for Brokeback Mountain for a long time and I just realized that one of the songs on it is a Jackie Greene song.

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