Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Bickersons are at it again

We fight best when the chips are down.

I made a factual statement today after Hope and I got Mr. Bickerson home from his outpatient knee surgery. All I said was the truth: that Mr. Bickerson has a lower-than-normal tolerance for pain. That doesn't mean I love him less than I would if he had a high pain threshold. It doesn't mean he is less manly than a manly man. It means he cries easily when there's pain. Or wants to cry. (I can tell.)

So he lashed out when I simply stated a fact. He said that pain tolerance is inversely proportional to intellect and the reason I tolerate pain so well is
"...well -- put two and two together. No, wait. Let me do that for you..."
Well played, Mr. Bickerson. Well played.

And now that the scanner works you knew I would be obligated to post pictures from his knee surgery, didn't you?

I can't tell what that last picture is on the left. Is it the door to the operating room? Was he pointing the way to the bathroom? I don't get.

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