Monday, September 18, 2006

Not on my diet

I went outside this morning to let Peggy out and to get the paper and I swear I could smell kheer that must have been coming from the Indian restaurant just across the highway. This is a nice-smelling neighborhood; I forget which factory it is but sometimes, when the breeze blows in the right direction, there's a scent in the air like chocolatey-good Ovaltine. But I've never smelled kheer out there. It made me go googling for the ingredient of rose water. As a result, I must have this cake:

Persian Love Cake

And now I'm thinking about cardamom.

And for some unrelated reason, lime.



  1. The blogger formally known as TheJoester7:34 PM

    I love a good ice cold serving ok kheer. And yes, I mean kheer!

    Very refreshing.

  2. the ex JoeSter7:41 PM


    formally -> formerly

    ok -> of

  3. That sweet smell in "the hood" is from Novartis. They are making baby formula and pill coatings...mmm mm good.

  4. Really? I gotta get me some.