Monday, September 25, 2006

Sink or swim

Hank has a friend who is a good swimmer and his mother suggested that Hank join this friend in participating on a swim team. We went to the first practice tonight so that the coach could watch him swim and decide if he was team material.

Apparently anyone can be on this swim team because, although the coach kept asking Hank to get out of the water and walk to the end of the lane because I'm pretty sure he was afraid -- like I was -- that Hank and his 0.2% body fat might drown during the inaugural practice session, the coach tossed him a team swim cap at the end and said, "Hank, buddy? You're in."

Swim little fishy, swim!

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  1. Quinn tried out for the swim team one year but was rejected. Apparently, the coach was looking for kids who could swim without holding on to the rope. Ha!