Thursday, January 18, 2007

My weak accent-immune system

What's with me and Canada? I am embarrassed by how easily I slip into a pseudo-Canadian accent when I find myself talking to a Canadian. I find it very easy to make fun of Madonna and her British accent but there I was in the produce aisle at Rainbow yesterday where I ran into an old co-worker who is from Thunder Bay. Three seconds into the conversation and I'm using more aboot's and eh's and oh yah's than Bob and Doug McKenzie ever used on their Great White North album. I was consciously trying to turn it off while I was talking to her but it just got worse and worse until we said goodbye. That's kinda weird, isn't it.


  1. You should come over and talk with Adam in his English accent.

    He has the EXACT same problem.

    It would be very worldly, you and Adam with your accents.

  2. Or... you could come visit ME and I'll take you to my Louisiana Cajun friend, just to see if this accent-immune disorder is for real.