Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sketch comedy

You know the SNL skits from the last season with Amy Poehler as the little girl named "Caitlin" and Horatio Sanz as the older guy "Rick?" Hope acted one of those skits in the kitchen this morning. The electrical subcontrator came today to hook up lights and switches in the new room. I barely know him but Hope acts like she and he are old friends:

Hey Chuck! Hey! CHUCK! Guess WHAT! Guess what we're gonna do today? First we're gonna go to the Y and go to Kids' Stuff and my mom is gonna exercise and my brother is gonna come with me because it's late start today at school and he's gonna go to school after we go to the Y but GUESS WHAT CHUCK! We're gonna take our coins to the Y and guess what we're gonna do!! We're gonna buy a TREAT! And we get to eat it in the VAN! Isn't that GREAT!?

Chuck was nice enough to say that he thought that it all was "great." What he didn't say, but his body language revealed, was that things would be even greater if we could go to the Y as soon as possible so he could work in peace.

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