Thursday, April 19, 2007

I may be losing it

I've passed the audiology booth at Costco more than once in the past few months and thought to myself that I might benefit from an hearing test. I'm getting up there in years and I know I've inflicted some damage from my iPod-while-mowing sessions. You have to crank it to drown out the sound of the lawnmower, you know.

I met our new neighbors a few days ago and I swear to God they said their son's name was Weed. "Weed?" my other neighbor asked. "Are you kidding me? They named their child, 'Weed'?" "Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's what she said." "Maybe it's a family name; maybe Danish?" "Weide?" I have no clue.

The new neighbor came over yesterday and I'm pretty sure now she referred to her son as "Reed." Now that makes A LOT more sense, doesn't it? I felt a sense of relief for the child along with a sense of "I should call Costco first thing in the morning and schedule that hearing test."

Scene III: I was talking to yet another neighbor this morning and I told her, yes, I was mistaken, blah, blah, blah, the baby's name is "Reed." And neighbor #3 replied, "Are you sure? I was talking to neighbor #2 and she said the baby's name is

.......... (drumroll please)...........


As Hope and Hank would say, "What the?!"

In conclusion: Now I don't know what in the world the child's name is but if it's "Jeremy" I will be scheduling a neuropsych evaluation in addition to the hearing test. I'm not sure they do neuropsych evals at Costco, however.

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  1. hahahahaha!! I can relate! On Easter Sunday I thought the drummer said to me "'Dust in the Wind' is next." I was like, "'Dust in the Wind?!' I haven't heard that in ages! How are we supposed to do that?! Well, we didn't have to. The next song was actually "Destined to Win."