Monday, April 16, 2007

Warming to the idea or accepting her fate

My daughter didn't have as nice a time at kindergarten round-up for the Chinese immersion school as some others did. She left insisting that she wanted to go to her old school. I must admit I've caught myself picturing her in the Chinese class next fall, screaming at the teacher to JUST SAY IT IN ENGLISH!

This afternoon we were out in the street riding bikes and talking with neighbors. We had some new neighbors come down the hill and around the corner, looking for a flat place to ride a scooter. We all introduced ourselves and when I asked Hope to tell her name, she said, "My name's Hope; ni hao." Like, whatever.

I hope she isn't going to hate us for putting her in this school. We think it will be good for her but I'm anticipating a rough first few weeks.


  1. So . . . who ya gonna turn to when she starts arguing with you in Mandarin? That's the story I'm waiting for. Or when she tells her teacher (in their new shared language) what a mean mom you are for making her eat her peas or something!

    What a great opportunity for her. By the way, how will the teachers communicate with you? Do they speak English?

  2. Oh Whit, she'll just add it to the list of things to talk with the therapist about later in life. No worries.