Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pyro fun

Friends brought over an aerial repeater shell last night that was about 6 x 6 inches square. I'm glad it rained a little yesterday to dampen things down before we lit fuse. No fires were reported in our vicinity. We'd never had "real" fireworks in the yard before and have previously been envious of the daring neighbors up the street who shot off their own 30-minute show in their backyard for the past several years without anyone getting arrested. Ours was pretty and lasted a full minute, I think. Only one in our group screamed hysterically during the show.

Afterwards we all made our way to the parking ramp near our house where you can see six fireworks shows from all around the western suburbs and downtown Minneapolis. They're tiny from our vantage point, but quiet. Children are less likely to scream and cry.

The entire GVPD was up there watching the show, too, until someone in our neighborhood starting shooting stuff off. It was exciting watching the police cars speed out of the ramp. I was so glad they weren't headed to our house!

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  1. I took my kids to the riverfront in Muscatine to watch the fireworks and they told me they were bored. I think the little brats have had one too many trips to Epcot.