Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Above average?

I consider Hank to have average intelligence or better but at what age would you expect a kid to know not to drink from a festering-in-the-hot-car, two-day-old container of chocolate milk from Wendy's? I guess there are supposed to be several types of intelligence. Hank may be below average on the Spoiled Milk Intelligence Quotient. In fact, if you drink out of a nasty bottle in a hot car I think that puts you at least one standard deviation below the mean on the SMIQ. That, or his desire to taunt his sister when she had complained of thirst seconds before we jumped in the car beat out any hint of common sense that might have stopped a normal kid from drinking out of that nasty bottle.

Of course, after he drank it, it was suddenly all my fault: "Why didn't you tell me not to do it? You should have told me!!"

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  1. Once Quinn started eating the leftovers from a bowl of cereal that I hadn't cleaned up from breakfast. It was about 3:30 pm. Is that the kind of intelligence you were thinking about? Maybe he thought it was a fresh after school snack. For me, the four-inch sized cheerios were a giveaway that something was amiss.