Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Is everyone's second grader talking to his parents about the presidential race? Hank and I had a brief discussion this morning about whether or not Mom and Dad should decide how he spends his $3/week allowance (i.e., underwear, advanced math tutoring, and paying off fines for cussing) or would he like to make more of those decisions (i.e., two liters of Sprite per week and an underwear drawer-full of Star Wars figurines)?

All I remember from elementary school is "NIXON NIXON HE'S OUR MAN! MCGOVERN BELONGS IN A GARBAGE CAN!" So I'm just going to go to choir practice.


“Deciding the best things for people.”

We had a little talk about taxes, and she was surprised to find that the President and the Congresses can just take your money. “That’s wrong.”

Sigh. Careful. This is civics, not brainwashing.

“No, it’s not wrong. We all agree to pay taxes for things we need. We don’t always agree on how much to pay, or what to spend them on. But if they take too much, then we can’t go to Disneyworld.”

Okay, now it was brainwashing. Her eyes grew wide. “I vote for Obama.”

“He might raise taxes, too.”

She looked bereft: “who else is there then?”

Welcome to the club, child.

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