Thursday, March 27, 2008

The hair

Hank is "Star of the "Week" in his classroom this week. Every kid gets one week where they read to the class, share family traditions, bring favorite things from home, and so on. In addition to taking 75 stuffed animals to introduce to the class today, Hank wanted to take Peggy. That plan fell through when Hope came home sick from school yesterday and is home this morning. So Plan B was put into action and we snapped and printed a picture of Peggy and Hank (and her friend, Sami the Labradoodle, whom we are dog-sitting this week). I sent Hank off on his bus with his Costco grocery bag-full of stuff and when I got home and saw the picture still on the computer screen it occurred to me that the explanation for the hair must be that Hank is Sami's half-brother.

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