Friday, May 15, 2009

Golden Valley Days: Summer Begins (and it's freakin' cold!)

Pay no attention to the fact that the temperature was about 32 with the windchill. Hank and Hope were not about to miss the fun at Brookview Park. Gary and I would have been quite content to sit on the couch and watch Candid Camera or The Sonny and Cher Show but apparently Hank and the girl at school he claims to "despise" had plans to engage in a major water balloon fight. So we went. It was cold but fun. And our daughter provided some pretty good entertainment while we waited for the fireworks to start. She's been working on her popping and robot dance moves in preparation for the next season of, "So You Think You Can Dance." (I thought about photoshopping out the pant stains but I decided it kinda adds to the charm.)

Hope busts a move.

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