Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bothered more by Nike than Tiger Woods

The Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods and the voice of his father has irked me. I've never had much Nike stuff and I'm not a golfer (although I do like a nice ride in a golf cart on a warm Texas Christmas Day). I don't buy Nike stuff mainly because I am/was too chubby to wear it and my feet are too wide for their running shoes. Despite that, I admit they have some stylish athletic clothes. And I was always kind of inspired by their "Just Do It" slogan.

I probably won't ever buy a product they sell now. I know advertising is manipulation and I hate being manipulated even though I am manipulated by ads every day. I think this video is over the top in terms of exploiting a personal and sad family situation. The video and voice is effective. It's appealing and pretty in a black and white picture of gloom sort of way. His father's voice stands out starkly against the slow zooming picture and no doubt makes the scene dramatic.

But the main feeling I am left with is sadness about the whole situation of Tiger and his broken family. I guess Nike didn't want me to feel happy watching it but did they consider they were creating an ad to make money from this man who has two human children? Do the children like the ad? They might be too young now but will they think it's cool when they are in junior high? The sadness involved in the broken family scene pales in comparison to how grossed out I am at the Nike ad people sitting around a table trying to figure out what kind of ad they can make to sell their golf stuff. I guess they succeeded in creating a buzz.

SNL's parody kind of says it for me:

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