Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My running has taken a back seat to the need to manage sleep in the last three months. I'm feeling better and less anxious and not waking up so much at night, but I still really feel the need to hibernate like a bear these days.

So, running has suffered.

Cheese quesadilla-eating has not.

Then there's Peggy. She wants to run! I have been trying to keep her busy in the house with little tricks and things. She follows a lot of commands and always looks and looks at me and Gary for instruction. Unlike Hank and Hope, she loves being told what to do. But she likes to/needs to run and we've been missing out. The plan next week is to go for at least one early morning run.

In the meantime, Peggy is very lucky to have a lot of dog friends who like to play with her. Best of all, Emily's dog Rudy has learned to just 'go for it' and run right through his invisible fence when he feels an overwhelming need for some Peggy time. He just showed up at the front door about 15 minutes ago. Peggy is having a great time.

This is Rudy:

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