Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movie night

We originally planned to go to a friend's church to attend a professional wrestling event last night but decided we were all too cold to venture out. Instead, we made it movie night and ate in the family room in front of the TV. The movie was 'Unstoppable' with Denzel Washington and a runaway train. There were no surprises in the movie but it was well done. There was lots of cussing in it. We told Hank that if he ever found himself on a runaway train, cussing is not only allowed but encouraged. Of course the runaway train bashed into a lot of obstacles on the track along the way. When it sent the horse trailer flying through the air, Gary said, "Hank, that was just the appetizer."


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  1. Initially resisted renting it, but really love Chris Pine and Denzel. Actually enjoyed it and couldn't believe how jacked up my heart was through the entire thing!