Sunday, May 22, 2011


I knew I should have supervised Hank more closely when he used the riding mower the first time. Gary and I don't care if there are missed patches of grass here and there but we need to be more fastidious when it comes to the grass between us, the Beverly Hillbillies' poor cousins, and our neighbors Mr. and Mrs. House & Garden. We are lucky to have nice neighbors and to their credit they put up with some dandelions and clutter on our side, including a fairly unattractive 29 ft 1985 RV parked in our driveway from May and October.

I knew Hank had missed some spots while he mowed and went over the boundary a bit between our house and theirs. I was going to say something about it to Mr. House & Garden and promise tomake sure it was done better the next time.

I forgot.

Hank came home from school the other day and said that Mr. H&G told him (nicely) to stay on his side of the yard next time. Completely understandable. But so was Hank's assessment when he said he thought Mr. H&G was "probably a grassaholic."

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