Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Boy Scout is Making Me Proud

I was skeptical. To me, every Cub Scout meeting resembled the 'Puppy Bowl' footage shown on Animal Planet on Superbowl Sunday (i.e., bunch of rowdy boys rumbling and wrestling and rolling in leaves and marshmallows from their half-eaten campfire S'mores). I did everything in my power not to have to participate in any scout planning activities. Frankly, it gave me an anxiety attack. My friend JM was a stellar scout leader and she has no idea how grateful I am for how she got us all through the rough Cub Scout years.

I found out yesterday that Hank volunteered to run a shift at the school carnival for his troop. I'm surprised why? Because Hank had told me in no uncertain terms that when it came to Golden Valley Days (Scouts in parade) and Meadowbrook School Carnival, he had 'other plans.' 'Other plans' being hanging out with his friends and definitely NOT looking uncool in his uniform.

But his Scout leader sent an email with the carnival schedule and there's Hank's name on the list to run the mini-pinewood derby game. (Scout uniform mandatory.) I'm discovering he's got way more going on in his mind than just simmering hormones and wanting to be perceived as 'cool.' Feeling proud. :-)

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