Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Never a dull moment.

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I had just showered today and Bella was having a barking fit when I realized there was someone at my front door. Doorbell never worked and I can't hear anyway.

So wet hair, no makeup, baggy robe with socks.......I open the door .....Bella jumps out and starts to take off, I yell at the kid with the flowers to grab Bella before she runs into the street. He seems to be afraid of dogs. I said, "Give me the flowers and you get MY DOG!" I think you get the picture.

The flowers are beautiful and the only clean place I have in my house is the bathroom. So there they sit to be admired by me...when I sit. ;-) Very nice of you, Whitney.

I'm sure the delivery boy was wondering Who In the hell would send flowers to that old Witch?

Ahhhhh Life. It has been a fun morning.

Love you,

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