Thursday, September 01, 2011

Massage Therapy in the Twin Cities

I don't go as often as I like because I can't afford it, but I have two recommendations for those of you who want to see someone in the Twin Cities. First of all, I was super-spoiled by a wonderful guy in Iowa City who asked people to pay on a sliding scale ($30-$60!) for a 1.5 to 2-hour session. Any time we traveled from MN back to Iowa I would always make an appointment with him. Kevin Pixa Eggers? You are the standard to which all MTs are compared. You are missed. No one will replace you.

Anyway...for you Twin Cities MT searchers...

1. Mellisa Moore at Massage Envy in Minnetonka at Ridgedale. She is my friend through swim team and and I cannot recommend her more highly. She is a wonderful person who is very (almost in a scary way) intuitive about aches, pains, stressors, etc. I would go see her every week if I could. She works Fridays and Saturdays at the Ridgedale Byerly's/Target strip. She. is. fantastic.

2. David Wicklund at The Doorway for Massage Therapy. I went to his studio Friday; died, and floated up to heaven. Holy frijoles! That's all I'm saying. He was fantastic.

It took me a long stretch of time between thinking massage therapy would be nice to building up the courage to go. "Why did I wait so long?" I think that's what everybody thinks.

Just GO.

You will be a happier person.

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