Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top Disneyland Highlights

1. Vacationing with Andrea and Keri. They made all arrangements, bought all the supplies, went on a murder walk to replenish said supplies late Monday night while I took a 17 hour nap. Why they aren't travel agents yet, I don't know. They put anxious travelers at ease. They kindly tolerate my airport anxiety. And they are hilarious.

2. Princess hair with tiaras;

3. Riding Splash Mountain 3x in a row on Saturday night without getting out of our log canoe;

4. Finding princess hair for Andrea when she was convinced Disney princess hair only came in blond and brunette;

5. At least 75 text messages from Hope saying, "Hi Mom!" and, "Hank won't stop punching me," and, "I was thinking, Mom, that maybe it would be fun to have my next birthday party in Disneyland."

6. Delicious tropical beverages at Trader Sam's and meeting Keri's Aunt Sara;

7. Meeting up with my cousin Dusty (whom I hadn't seen in at least 25 years) and meeting his awesome wife Tami and their sweet kids;

8. Being the first person to lose anything on the Peter Pan ride. We came to an abrupt stop at the end and my sunglasses fell off my head and onto the track below. The workers, excuse me, cast members, acted like this had never happened before!

9. Losing a flip-flop on California Screamin' while getting on the rollercoaster. The flip flop got caught on something and slipped down between the track and the platform.Disney cast members put their lives at risk to retrieve it and keep the coaster ride running.

10. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pix and videos Looks like you had an amazingly fun time!!