Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

This is a New Year's Eve post from my favorite blogger.

Spidey, Tikka, Gdogg and I went to the Science Museum this morning to see the Chinasaur exhibit. I don't think G and I have ever seen dinosaurs up close. You know what? They were big. Very, very big. Spidey was apprehensive because one of the exhibits was a motorized model in the lobby that growled every few seconds. I wasn't sure we would make it past the ticket office but Spidey found courage from somewhere and decided to go in. I wonder if he noticed that his two year old sister was completely blase' about the gigantic skeletons.

We have sausage sandwiches in the oven, two growlers of beer from Town Hall, cocktail shrimp, and s'mores for dessert. I told Tikka and Spidey that we would toast marshmallows and then make a toast: Happy New Year! and down the hatch with the treats.

Happy New Year, family. Here's to 2005. I love you.

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