Saturday, February 05, 2005

Analyze this

I made some experimental cookies with fake sugar last night and fell asleep on the couch. I know this was a Splenda-induced effect:
I was at a high school reunion with two classmates. We had just finished watching a play in a large garage when we walked past the performers. Lo and behold, the lead actor was none other than Ashton Kutcher! One friend said to him, "Big fan!" and asked him if he knew how to get out of the building in which we were trapped. He was no help.

I was worried to find that my car had been locked in the building and there was no one with a key. I wondered how I would get my car out so I could have lunch the next day. Magically, I got into the building. As I tried to back my car out of the parking garage I hit a small patch of ice and slid into an eldery lady behind me. She was unhurt but angry. At the same time I saw my high school principal, Mr. Redmond, sliding down a snowy hill in front of me. He fell on his back; someone called an EMT and he seemed to be okay.

Suddenly I was with my mom. She wanted a ham salad sandwich. I had invited her to a party but got separated from her. I found her waiting for me to go with her in search of a better sandwich than the one she ordered. I felt bad for the cook who tried to make a better sandwich.

Just before I woke up I had been on a boat with my family. I was separated from them by a door (I think I had been in the bathroom) and the boat was really tossing in some big waves. My mother-in-law said, "Look at her walking!" as my daughter walked up to her on the deck of the boat. Next, the boat pitched really high and we tipped over. My last thoughts before waking up were, "I know Mr. Bickerson will take care of Tikka."

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