Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Back home

Funny, we were talking about how much more interesting the race in Las Vegas might be if it ended on the strip. I found this and it mentions that the course will go through town next year.

It was really windy! The news that night said there were wind gusts of 35 mph during the race. I believe it. There was steady wind that made your eyes tear and nose run nonstop from at least mile marker 10 to the end. It was heavenly to turn the corners near the end and let the wind blast you sideways instead of head-on.

I was so proud that Spidey seems to have grasped the marathon concept that the goal for people like me is to finish and not win. We had several discussions a few weeks ago about the upcoming event and it was really hard for him to understand why someone would run such a long race if she couldn't come in first. When I called him Sunday and told him the race was over his first words were, Did you finish, Mom? I was so glad I could tell him I didn't quit. (It was tempting, too, because there were sag wagons!)

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