Saturday, January 20, 2007

Memory Palace™

Mr. Bickerson likes to brag sometimes about his Memory Palace™. It's how he organizes the information he stores inside his brain.

We just flipped past the movie Deep Impact. I said, "I remember that movie," which means I remember seeing a movie once that had a spaceship in it.

Gary remembered it, too. He responded, "I remember it, too. We saw it in Roseville. There was a shoe store there that we went to before the movie. I bought some new running shoes. New Balance 576's. It was 1998; the summer of dueling asteroid movies."

If I stab him in the temple with a fork some night none of you will blame me. Right?


  1. TheJoester7:32 AM

    OK by me.

  2. NO WAY does he remember that!! He's just making it up to mess with you!

  3. Mrs. B--check out my post!

  4. Mrs. Rellim, he does INDEED remember stuff like that (i.e., everything). I don't know why he's never applied it to counting cards in a casino like in "Rainman." Maybe he knows that would be evil.