Thursday, February 24, 2005

One side of a preschooler's telephone conversation

This is the background information you need to know: We sent out invitations for Spidey's birthday party yesterday. The invitation said to come to the YMCA to play in the "space maze." One name has been changed to protect the innocent.
Me: Hello
Caller: Um, um, this is Leo is Spidey there?
Me: Yes, just a minute. Spidey?
Spidey: What?
Me: You have a phone call.
Spidey: I have a what?
Me: The phone is for you.
Spidey: Why?
Me: It's your friend, Leo. Come talk to him.
Spidey: Did he call me?
Me: Yes, he wants to talk to you.
Spidey takes the phone: Hello?
Spidey: What?
S: What?
S: There's a gym with some basketballs and some hoops.
S: There's some climbing stuff.
S: There's a net for climbing.
S: It has a ladder with holes cut out to climb to the top.
S: There's gonna be some cake.
S: Okay. Bye. Mom, Leo said he's gonna come to my party.

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