Monday, May 30, 2005

Verbal and dental precociousness

Tikka asked me early in the day who would be at the Memorial Day neighborhood party. I named all the people I thought would be there and she corrected me: "No mom, Maverick won't be there. He's at school." I explained that no, there's no school today and that Maverick would in fact be there. She then said, "Oh mommy. I'm so sorry. I misspoke."

And then here's my five year-old with his first loose tooth:
First loose tooth
The early tooth doesn't surprise me, though, because he had a good set of choppers at five months. I also had a sense that he would be on the early side of the developmental scale when his umbilical stump fell off at five days. (I was expecting 10-12 days like all the baby books said.) I remember carrying him into our bedroom early in the morning after changing his diaper and having the stump fall off, and I said to Mr. B., "Our little boy is growing up so fast!" (Sniff)

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