Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Per Mary's request

The background noise at the end of the video is Gary working drill magic on Hank's pinewood derby car.


  1. Thanks Whit! Still funny after so many times.

    I love how you just show up slowly at the end and then that noise in the back ground...is that a blender?

  2. Mrs. B.,
    Is it your birthday today?

  3. this is ten kinds of awesome :)

  4. Uncle Jeff10:35 AM

    "I love you - soooo much!" - Paula

    "You've gaught somefing there - it's a yes for me." - Simon

    "Yo dog, check it out, a little pitchy, but I dig it Baby - WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!!!" - Randy

  5. thanks for the laugh...i think i will watch it again!

  6. Just seeing this and I am probably too late but have I got some tips for a fast derby car!

    1) Polish the axles. Load them up in a drill and polish with progressively finer sandpaper, all the way to 1200 grit and rubbing compound and then some auto wax or Pledge works really good too!

    2) Add as much weight to the car as you can and still be under the legal limit. Put it toward the read of the car.

    3) Make sure it rolls straight so it does not bump into the rails which will slow it down.

    My son was champion two years straight.

    Ok...so maybe I was a little obessesive....but kids like trophies!! I hope Hank and Gary get one too!