Thursday, June 16, 2005

I think the dude got a job.

Remember The Dude? I think he's working in an office near my house. We live on the border of a commercial area and when the weather's nice we get a lot of walking traffic from people on break. I've seen this guy before and wondered about him because walks around the neighborhood topless (er, shirtless) at noon with business casual pants and shoes, long grey ponytail and a cloth (hemp) backpack filled with a bunch of frisbee golf discs. He walks, throws, picks them up, walks, throws, etc. It must be his way of coping with a cubicle. He really looks like the dude. I'm going to try to snap a secret picture of him next time I see him coming up the street.

If you were going to take your shirt off when you went on break would you do it in the elevator? On your way out the front door? On the street corner waiting for the light to change? I don't think there's a smooth way to do that around your coworkers.

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