Friday, June 17, 2005

Best wishes to all!

To my sister-in-law Dani, the Invincible Supermom and Poop Cleaner Upper: Happy Birthday! Run from your children for a day or six.

To my friend Mary, the Triathlete: Kick some hairdresser ass! And have FUN!

To my beloved hubby Gary, the Reluctant Marathon Man: You are gonna OWN the 11 minute mile, baby! And don't wear out your knee so much so that we can't cut the rug with Boogie Wonderland! Don't leave it ALL out on the course, 'k?

And to Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson: Happy Sweet 16th Anniversary to us! I never got a minivan as a present before. You know you're a mom when you can appreciate a sweet ride in a new minivan like that.

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