Wednesday, June 01, 2005

None of my business

I don't know why I'm spending time reading about this story beyond the reason that Tom Cruise is in the entertainment business and he's suddenly become very interesting in a train wreck sort of way. I think the thing that bothers me most (again, why should I care?) is that he's being so public about his new relationship. He has kids from a previous marriage. I think that would stop me from going on Oprah and gushing about my new main squeeze. Wouldn't that make the kids feel bad? Or just weird? Or maybe that's just showbiz.

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  1. W,
    The reason he is so open about his new relationship with little Miss Thang is because he is soooooo gay. Yes, he is gay and this is the only way he can cover it up and remain a sex symbol (to woman)!

    Haven’t you ever heard about the major deal that Nicole Kidman signed? Yeah, she signed a deal to be married to Tom for X number of years, pretend they were happily married and her payoff was fame. He made sure to get her top billing in several large films. Think back, did you know Nicole Kidman before she married Tom?

    I know it sounds crazy but I know a guy who works in Hollywood who knows a guy. But, it is none of my business either!