Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fenton, Iowa

Hello from Fenton, Iowa, home of Captain Cornelius, a guy dressed up in a foam corn costume (I know, I'd never heard of him either).

Gary and our riding buddy, Eric, hit the pub while I keep you all updated on our goings on.

We have 20 miles of tail-wind today. God bless the wind from the north! We have ridden in the most extreme weather: 101 at the start, then icy shards of rain from hell, headwind, and of course the storm in Sheldon that blew everyone's tents away.

Gary and Eric and I just enjoyed a fantabulous lunch of penne with salmon at The Pastafari set-up several miles up the road. You have never had such tasty chow sitting in a farmer's yard, listening to reggae, with cornfields nearby, and friendly bicyclists from all over the country.

We will head on down the road now. I'm looking forward to at least two pieces of pie (if not more) before Algona.

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