Friday, July 01, 2005

Scenes from camp

We attended Family Night at camp yesterday. Spidey gave us a little tour, we met his counselors, had hotdogs for supper, and watched as each group of campers got up to perform their favorite camp songs.

This is Spidey's group, The Caterpillar Crew:
Caterpillar crew

Each group has a fort where they keep their backpacks. Can you tell Tikka had to go to the bathroom?
Camp fort

A favorite activity:

He's off on the bus for his last day this week. He did not want me to take his picture this morning.
Second last day of camp

The camp counselors sang a lot of camp songs at the beginning of the variety show. They were all of the call and response "repeat after me" style. My favorite is "Boom chicka boom." So the counselors were all down in front acting crazy and singing their songs. Spidey was sitting with us, singing along, and I didn't look around at the other parents but I still think I might have been the only one crying. I was just overwhelmed by having a kid old enough to go to camp, having the opportunity to do something so fun and memorable, and thinking about all the other experiences in store for our kids as they grow. It's just awesome being a parent.

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