Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rage of the road

What is wrong with some people on the road in this town? I know a lot of people in the Twin Cities don't like to let other people merge onto the highway in front of them. Everyone rides everyone's bumper and everyone is under the impression that this behavior will pay off with a ten second earlier arrival to whatever destination they need to get to yesterday. They refuse to make eye contact and they pretend you're not there on the on-ramp to 394 or 100.

But, you know, I always felt like I had a chance with the old lady crowd. I really did. It has been my experience that edlerly ladies in any kind of car will wave you in ahead of them most of the time. They're kind and they are .... in .... no .... hurry. Go right ahead young lady, feel free to merge safely ahead of me. I, the elderly lady, have your back.

Not tonight. No siree! I was merging onto 100 South, headed for a choral rehearsal, when a carload of elderly women barely gave me enough room to squeeze in ahead of them. I gestured to the driver through my rearview mirror as if to say, "Would it have killed you to give me three extra inches to get in ahead of you?" And she gestured back to me, LAUGHING AT ME WITH HER CARLOAD OF OLD LADY FRIENDS!, "You stupid idiot. If you can't get up to 70 in three seconds on the on-ramp, you have no business having a drivers license." And then I said, "Oh yeah?" And then she said, "Oh yeah!"

And then she passed me, going 80.

And she was driving an Audi.

I swear she was at least 79 years old.

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