Friday, August 26, 2005

What's with the capes?

Many months ago Hank tied a knot in the fringe of the blanket his Aunt Dani made him. He wears it sometimes several times a day. It makes for an unwieldy cape, if you ask me. It's good for a blanket but it's a big and bulky cape. But he loves it and it provides him not only with warmth at night, but many hours of fun throughout the day. Five out of seven nights, when we go in to check on the kids before heading to bed, Hank will have put that big blanket cape around his neck prior to falling asleep. Gary or I pull it over his head and hope we don't wake him up.

So tonight I went in his room to check and there he was, looking like he was going to strangle in the night with that blanket around his neck. I pulled it off and he kept snoozing away. I was about to walk away when I noticed he had a friend with him tonight. I took it into the bathroom so I could snap a picture for you:

Mr. Snickers

It appears that Mr. Snickers has a thing for capes, too!

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