Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bloggy block

How has a week passed by with nothing new to say? I'm sorta out of ideas for writing. I would invite my bro or dear husband to chime in, if they happen to read this. They can be pretty funny from time to time. In the meantime, I can ramble a little bit:

1. I am really, really glad I don't live in Texas and Louisiana. I am glad, also, that I don't live in Fridley. There were tornados there last night.
2. My husband is talking crazy talk. He just suggested that he thinks it would be fun to drive to Texas for vacation next year. With the kids in the car.
3. If I'm ever on Survivor I am not eating a pile of ants the 6th day into the game. Go ahead and vote me out.
4. Peggy is a lot of work.
5. I don't seem to enjoy David Letterman like I used to.
6. I haven't run since Sunday. I am a loser.
7. I love autumn and I love it that Hope has a new friend who calls her "Pope" and sometimes, "Poke."
8. My favorite part of kindergarten so far is how happy Hank looks bouncing on and off the school bus each day.

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