Friday, September 30, 2005

Happiness is

a big ol' bag of marathon treats.

Marathon loot

I don't know why this bag of loot makes me so happy, it just does. On my way to the expo to pick up the race packet today, I overheard several women talking about this being their first marathon. The first one is so exciting! This will be the first marathon in a long time that I will run all by myself. I've always had Mr. Bickerson and/or my friend, Andrea with me for entertainment and motivation. So, although I know it's uncool to wear headphones during a race, I'm going to take along my shuffle just in case I need my own brand of musical inspiration to make up for the lack of a running buddy.


  1. Mrs. Bick,
    YOU ROCK. You will do great and oh how I wish I could run it with you. Four plus hours of us just talking, no kids, next year. Good luck. I need to figure out how and where to cheer you on. Run girl run and then kick some ass.

  2. Hope that you did well. My brother ran it as well and didn't do too badly