Sunday, September 11, 2005

Little drummer girl

Oh, I wish you all could have been there.

There was a 9-11 Tribute Concert at Lake Harriet tonight. I talked my multi-talented friend, Jean Ann, into joining me in the choir. I told her that last year they had a parade for the kids in the crowd and that she should tell her daughter about it. Last year they asked the audience for a child to play the drum and lead the parade. I could think of none more capable and in search of the limelight, than Jean Ann's charasmatic daughter, Jessica.

So there I was standing with Jean Ann and the rest of the choir waiting to go on stage when Amelia Santaniello made the kiddie parade announcement. Then Amelia said, "Is there any child in the audience who would like to --" And VOILA. Jessica was already standing at Amelia's side, on stage, before she finished the request for a drummer/leader. That girl was ready to go!

I've asked Jean Ann to send me a picture of her daughter from the event. When she does I will post it and I want you all to take a close look because this kid is going to be a star some day.

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