Sunday, September 25, 2005

*One grecian urn...

Mr. Bickerson reports to me this evening that his premature exit from the sanctuary balcony during this morning's anthem was not in fact due to Hope's misbehavior as I had assumed. With great flair, Hank began conducting the choir from his seat, waving his arms around dramatically. Gary started laughing because he thought he looked a lot like Pee Wee Herman. We recently rented the first season of Pee Wee's Playhouse and both Hank and Hope have been perfecting their versions of Pee Wee's dance moves and facial expressions. So Hank saw that his dad was shaking with laughter in church and that just gave him inspiration.

Hope was completely surprised by having to leave the sanctuary for reasons unrelated to HER behavior. She's the one making a big fuss most of the time. But today she was asking her dad on the way out, "Why are we leaving? The songs not over yet, Daddy! WHAT'S SO FUNNY, DADDY??"

* Reference fron The Music Man; liturgical dance scene.

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