Saturday, October 22, 2005


How old do they have to be before we can make it through an entire day without tears? Here's some of what we cried about this week: lack of lipgloss, misplaced lipgloss, empty container of lipgloss, new friend who didn't want child to eat her lipgloss, light sabers, light saber the wrong color, light saber not loud enough, mom's rule that one may not hit mom in the behind when she's cooking lunch, not wanting to brush teeth, wanting to gargle and not being allowed large quantity of Listerine, unacceptable pizza had microscopic pieces of unfamiliar vegetable, socks too short, socks to tight, socks too loose, socks with bumps in the seams, jeans too stiff, new sweatpants too big, playdate cancellation due to illness, playmate refuses to be locked in dog crate, mother won't let child sleep with gum in her mouth, and gas pains.

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