Monday, October 24, 2005

I don't like Mondays

What a day. School, two trips to the Y, one for running, one for BodyPumping (I know it sounds naughty but it's not) and kid swimming, PTO meeting, cleaning, bill paying, frisbee throwing to drain some energy from highly energized dog, and a grocery store trip with three tantrums and one idle threat that mom would leave the grocery cart right here and you two are going straight home to bed with no lunch, no story, no pizza/Halloween safety party at school and I'm taking away your gum and IwillneverbuyyougumagainasGodismywitness-sohelpmeGoddon'tmakemespankyoutworighthereinthedairyilseatRainbow-Foodsbecause I...WILL....DOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!

And so we completed our grocery shopping with one crying three year-old, one pouting five year-old and a host of noontime shoppers and two clerks staring at us. I would have left that grocery cart there but (damn it) it was loaded with the week's food and man, I was so fricking tired. Lesson learned: I will never threaten to leave the grocery store without my groceries but I will promise to be really, really mad at those kids for at least an hour.

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