Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I talk too much

Regular readers of this blog already know that I have a somewhat unhealthy interest in the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes match-up. I really need to get a life. I was driving the kids to the Y today and listening to the radio when I heard the announcement that Katie Holmes is expecting. Out loud and to the radio I muttered, "Oh gross." I was instantly peppered with 75 questions from Hank.

What's gross, Mom?

I wasn't thinking too clearly about the asker of that question so I just said, "Oh nothing. Somebody's having a baby."

Why's that gross?
Why is it bad?
Did they just look at each other or something?
Who is Tom Cruise?
Is it bad to have a baby?
You said it was gross why is it gross why did you say that?

I couldn't think fast enough how to get myself out of the sticky situation so instead of continuing to provide lame answers I said, "Who wants candy when we get to the Y? What kind do you want and why? Discuss."


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Everyone make fun of him he's to much. has a great t-shirt to help you see what a moron he is. Good luck with the baby?

  2. Candy...good for soooo many things.